Elevate Your Business with Moonshot Negotiation Results

Emotions and Fear get in the way during negotiations:

Anxious negotiators make agreements that are 12% less financially attractive. (Source: Harvard Business Review). 

  • 63% of salespeople state they experience a need for approval which they perceive as the second most powerful weakness holding them back from achieving their full potential. (Source: Objective Management Group)
  • 64% of salespeople do not control their emotions(Source: Objective Management Group)
  • 48% of sales calls end without an attempt to close the sale. (Source: Spotio.com)

Driving success through two fundamental actions:

Upskill Competences      X

That move you forward

Overcome Blocks              =

That hold you back

Moonshot Results

In  business negotiations

Negotiation Upskilling and Training:

I provide custom-tailored online and in-person training programs to help clients address their unique challenges and performance requirements.


My approach to negotiation training involves creating a comprehensive solution that imparts both practical knowledge, measures skills and enables sustainable change. 


Let me help you unlock your potential and elevate your business to new heights with our sustainable and effective negotiation training program.


“Marcel is an inspiration in negotiations with business partners. I got to know Marcel very well during my time at Spin Master. As VP General Manager for the DACH and Benelux area, he set up and developed the Spin Master Business. Especially when founding a new branch, there are many negotiations with business partners, which Marcel has always mastered extremely confidently and expediently. (…) Under Marcel, every member of the team was extremely motivated and ready to give their all. From my point of view, the "family" atmosphere was one of the most important factors for the outstanding success. His energy, paired with his high charismatic charisma, had a great role model character. One of his great strengths is explaining complex relationships in a simple way.”

Stefan Bühler, Business Development Manager GSA, Funko Ltd 

“... I have worked on several matters with Mr. Marcel Dévény who advised and supported the DEUFOL Group in relation to complex negotiations. Marcel´s skills as diplomat are remarkable. 

In a complex and very sensitive dispute with a large industrial clients, Marcel succeeded in bringing down the immense tension that had built up during years of litigation and, little by little, brough the client back to the negotiation table and convinced the client to accept reasonable, balanced settlement terms. There have been several other instances in which I could witness the effectiveness of Marcel´s approach, built on empathy, positive communication and commercial savvy.  I would highly recommend Marcel Dévény for complex negotiations, PR trouble-shooting assignment and settlement discussions.”

Joe Sepulchre, Keego Strategic & Legal Consulting 

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